Widget Not Updating

On my website STARConversations.com my widgets are not updating.

When I try editing a widget (adding or changing writing), it does not reflect those saved changes on my website. So I made a new textbox and added text, but that did not show up on my website either (see picture).

Any ideas on how to fix this? All my plugins (and wordpress) are up to date.

Hello there,


Have you check the publish options and ensure publish is enabled?


Yes. Publish is enabled.

Also, it looks like the problem is that it is not registering or saving text. The text it said was posted from the first picture is not there (it only published / saved the actual widget, but nothing in it!)

I added this “test” text box and it said it published it (as you can see from the pictures) but it is not there. And when I refresh, the widget text box remains but nothing in it.

Hello there,

What about editing it through widgets administration panel under the Appearance menu > Widgets.


It is having trouble saving (I get the spinning wheel next to the save button for a long time and it never actually saves.)

My current internet speed is 45 Mbps so I do not think it is a connection or speed issue (and I have never had this problem before.)

Any other reason why it would not be saving?

Any ideas? I want to optimise some images on my website to increase the speed as well, but without being able to save any widgets, I cannot update the images.

Figured it out. The problem was with my “Fastest Cache” plugin. For whatever, that plugin helps speed it up, but over time, it always breaks something.

Do you have any suggestions for a better Caching plugin that works better with your website? I’d love to switch over to what you all use :slight_smile: