Widget NewsAnchor : recent post A & B diplay on 2 columns

I’ve had 2 the different widgets to my homepage. They are displaying but on one column and not two as shows on the demo site.
I’ve read a post about the same issue, but it’s quite old now : Recent posts widget Type B problem so maybe the answer (wich I don’t understand) is not accurate.
Here’s the result :

Do you have any idea ?
The old answer was : “Have you added the Recent Posts Type B Widgets in a 2column Row ( 50%-50% )? If yes, then that may be the problem”.



I’m sorry for the delay here - it looks like we missed this one!

If you still need help with this issue, just reply and let me know.

Yes, the topic is still relevant. Only I have a slightly different problem. My page does not change at all when adding widgets.
Here’s a screenshot from the admin console: Screenshot by Lightshot
But on the main page, absolutely nothing has changed: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hello @okyznetsov,

First thanks for using our theme!

I did a local test here and it seems to be working normally.

Please check the if you have caching enabled in your website:

  • WP plugins cache (disable)
  • Check if your server has some kind of server side cache. If yes, clear the cache.
  • If you have some CDN enabled like CloudFlare for example, clear the CDN cache if it’s enabled.

Please try that and let us know if you need further help.

Kind Regards,


aThemes Support