Widget Headline Problem since Moesia 1.27


I just updated Moesia for 1.27 and have a problem now with my widget headlines…

The Moesia widgets are styled nice & correctly but others are not (e.g. contact form).

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Actually, it comes from the Page Builder update. They changed a class name. Please install the previous version of the page builder from here until our update goes live: https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteorigin-panels/developers/

great thanks Vlad! Worked perfect.

Hello Vlad,

after some time, I updated Moesia and SiteOrigin.

Now headlines look much better because they have the same height. But they are huge, how can I decrease the size of moesia and non-moesia widgets? When I change the size of widget titles in the customizer, nothing happens somehow.

The huge headlines don’t look good at all (e.g. http://mynearbite.com/lisboa1/) and I would like to change them. Thanks a lot.



I see you’re using the default font size for the widget titles, which is 56px. Go to Customize > Fonts and you’ll see an option there for the widget titles.

Hey Vlad,

thanks for your help!

I tried this: But if i press Save&Publish the titles are big again (in the customizer preview it works) and when I open customizer again then there is a ‘0’ in the widgets title size field…

Just checked it both locally and live and it works fine. Just to confirm: you used the buttons to change the value or you added the value directly without px, so only numbers, correct?

Hey Vlad,

thanks for your help, I appreciate!

Yes I tried both, just putting the number but also with the arrows. Both doesnt work. I figured out that all font size changes are not saved, guess its a problem of my workdpress/moesia theme.

I updated yesterday wordpress 4.2 and also moesia and siteorigin if this helps to find my wordpress error.
Shall I reinstall the moesia theme? What is the smoothest way to do that?


Not sure if re-installing will help, unless some files were changed or something. Easiest way would be to open up style.css and change the version to a previous one so after that you’ll get an update notice.

hmm ok. I did exactly that, got the update notifaction, updated moesia - and still have the same problem with the customizer.

is there a custom css code to change all widget titles on all pages to 34px?

thank you!

Yeah, as I said I didn’t expect it to work, the issue must come from somewhere else. You can use custom code:

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
      font-size: 34px !important;

ok will try to find the problem.

Great thanks, works perfect.

Last small thing:

If you scroll down, there are three elements. The left one is vertically differently aligned since I updated siteorigin. It looks not very nice :). Any idea why is that and how I can solve that? I use some custom css for the pattern of the whole row, dont understand why all don’t “start” at the same height.

Thank you very much Vlad.