Widget Headers

How to I modify the widget headers to match the standard H3 formatting? Trying to get them in sync and get rid of the understroke.

Widget titles are H6 headings, if you want them in lowercase you can apply custom css:

h6.widget-title {
  text-transform: none;

If you want to change them to H3 you should edit functions.php (line 79):

function sweetheat_widgets_init() {
	register_sidebar( array(
		'name'          => __( 'Sidebar', 'sweetheat' ),
		'id'            => 'sidebar-1',
		'description'   => '',
		'before_widget' => '<aside id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s">',
		'after_widget'  => '</aside>',
		'before_title'  => '<h6 class="widget-title">',
		'after_title'   => '</h6>',
	) );

For changes of this kind consider using child theme.

And post a link to your page :slight_smile: