Widget Header Colour

Hi all,

I’m really stuck :frowning:

Obviously you can change the header title color for front page templates in the ‘customise’ section, but how do you change the header title color of non-moesia widget like ‘arbitrary text’ - I can’t seem to change it from the standard grey to fit in with the rest of my wordpress site?

Thanks in advance!


You can add a bit of CSS in a custom CSS plugin for this:

.panel-grid-cell .widget-title {
      color: #333 !important;

Thank you very much for responding :slight_smile: but I should have been more specific -

I’m using site builder and I added a row.
I added the ‘arbitrary text’ widget and gave it a title and some content.
But no matter what I do- I can’t change the header text color from grey to something else.

If you could guide me, that would be great!

Many Thanks!

That’s what that code does :slight_smile:
Can you post a link to your page please?


So what exactly is the issue? You can change #333 to the color you want and the headline (TEST TEXT) will change color. Are you referring to something else?

You’ll have to forgive me lack of knowledge here, but I’ve installed a Custom CSS plugin. Gone back to the page I’ve created called ‘MAIN’, added the CSS code you’ve provided me into the ‘Custom CSS’ dialog that now appears, but the header color doesn’t change - am I putting the code in the correct place, or does this need to be added to the Style.css file through the editor please?

Thanks for being patient with me :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s working now…really odd, I was trying to change the hex color code earlier, but nothing was happening, maybe something was overriding it.

Thank you again and apologies for the confusion! :slight_smile: