Widget buttons


I would like to edit the position and colors associated with my widget buttons.

See the Photoshoots (i.e., Projects) section on my front page (memedawar.com). Currently, the button is very hard to see on the background image I am using and I would like to change the color of the button, button text, and hover highlight.

Also, I would like to know how to extend the reddish transparent background for the Photoshoots so that it could have enough space to house the button, if I so desire.

Are these things doable??

Thanks so much!


Hi, here is the style code to change the button’s style

#projects .all-news {
    background-color: palevioletred;
    color: black;
    border-color: black;

for the red transparent background, I think it’s better if the color fill the whole of the photoshoots sections, here is the code:

#projects {
    background-color: rgba(189, 101, 111, 0.90);

and to remove the current background color, you can use this code:

.projects-area .container {
    background-color: transparent;

Thank you, Awan!

It would be very helpful if I had a spreadsheet of sorts that told me the exact syntax for each widget and section. I’m pretty capable of making these changes in the simple custom css plugin; however, I’m not sure what to call things. For example, I’d like to make my first row on the front page (WHY) similar to the Photoshoots row, except I’d like to have the whole section be semi-transparent black instead of palevioletred. I could do that myself if I knew what each section and widget was called.

Is there a file you could make available that lists these things?

Thank you!

I think a better way to say that was, “Do you have stylesheets that are easily accessible?” lol


I don’t have any list of the section name / syntax that you want.
Alternatively, I only use chrome dev tools to inspect the element of the section.

Thanks, Awan!

I actually made some progress, but posted a new topic asking for help figuring out why there is a chunk in the lower left of my videos section that won’t cover with the transparent background color.

My guess is that it has something to do with the smaller size of the video in that particular section. It seems like since the video frame is smaller it has cut off the column and therefore not filled the entire piece…thoughts?

Yup, I guess so. that was because the video height.
I have make a reply to your new post, please check and I’d like to mark this post as resolved then