Widget alignement


I have a few questions:

  • how to align title and content on a widget bloc of the front page?

  • I have a problem with projects
    projetcs problem

The widget shows every post category and not only projets categories. But also, some categories do not appears. How can I choose what to see and what I don’t what?

Same widget problem, I tried to add 4 projets but they still does’nt appear.

  • Sydney FP - Fact widgnet is not centered with the title of the widget, and how coul I add more than 3 or 4 facts ?


Hello there,

Thank you for posting your questions here. Before we begin to answer them. Please split them in a single thread to get specific answer as you are free to open multiple topics; be sure the title of which relates with your question/problem. Doing so, you will help us to keep our support forum well-archived, so that it will be easy to read by others.


Ok I just created those 3 questions in separate topics. Please close this one.

Thank you