Why not ems?


Why are the fonts for this theme listed as pixels and not ems?

The fonts for desktop are fine but are massive on mobile, but if they are shrunk too much then they are too small on desktop.

Just wondering why relative fonts (measured in ems, rather than pixels) are not the standard here, since it is meant to be a responsive design? If you can enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. That’s how the designer did it.
  2. Ems aren’t really required for responsive design. Bootstrap doesn’t use ems for body/headings and I think we can agree it’s a mobile-first framework. The theme uses Bootstrap;
  3. It’s a GPL theme, you can change anything you feel should work differently :slight_smile:
    For instance if you need smaller fonts for a certain element, you can wrap it in a media query and define your font size for mobile.