Why does sydney toolbox plugin not support with elementor plugin?

Sydney Toolbox plugin only work with siteOrigin page builder. This is really sad issue. Elementor has a lot of advance option than siteOrigin page builder.
Now i want to purchase Sydney pro. My question is, In Sydney pro theme, Is sydney toolbox support with Elementor plugin? I mean service, portfolio and other section working fine with elementor.

My another query is, What does it mean by 12 months access to this theme. And also if i will not renew my theme then my site will stop working ???

Hello there,

With Elementor, we can use elements to replace Sydeny Toolbox. Because it’s simpler and easier to compose.

You can still be able to reproduce special content types like Services, Portfolio, etc with elements. Follow this quick start guide to copy our demo content and use it as your starter point.

It means you will be restricted to access next Sydney Pro update coming next 12 months. This might not break your site as long as the last version you have still be compatible with the version of WordPress and other required plugin (like Elementor) running in your system.