Why do I have two rows employees?

I’m having two rows of employees instead of one.

I just check your site, its under “ARTIESTEN” right? but I saw there is 3 column now. So, did you already solve this issue?

I need two rows! How do you get that?


Hello suzan,

You can add these css code to the row styles to display it in two rows:
padding: 100px 100px;

And to what class do I have to add that? Because I tried to add it to the classes with “owl” in it, but it doesn’t work.
And is there a way to add links to the menu on which you can click, so the page will scroll down to that part of the page?

No need class selector, just put the code above here http://prntscr.com/95ulqg

About the link, Did you mean like in this thread https://athemes.com/forums/topic/intro-plus-menu/#post-37433?