Why are the Font Awesome Icons Missing

Hi Athemes,

Once again, we are having an issue with Font Awesome. We had icons on our services page and now they are gone. We have a circle and a square in side of the circle. Why does this fail?
Is it because the template is built with Font Awesome 4 and not 5. Please help, we need to launch the site this week.

I look forward to a response!

Hello Lotoya,

Can you please provide a link to affected website?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Here is the issue.

This is what was there

I had icons in here and it took forever to get them to work and now they are gone. I don’t like font awesome with this theme because they don’t work at all. You have to use icons you don’t want for them to show up.

Please help fix this.

I removed the font awesome code and the icons came back on the services page but now the icon is gone on the team widget. What is the issue?

Hello Lotoya,

I’ve just checked your website and saw that you don’t have team widget on home page anymore. Is this issue still actual?

Kind Regards, Roman.