Why are my pics so dark?

Hi all

I’ve uploaded a black and white photo as a header on my site but when published it appears very dark, almost black. I’ve tried lightening the image but the same thing happens.

Any ideas?



Hi Will,
That was overlay effect. you can remove it using the following css code:

.overlay {
    background-color: transparent;

you can place the css code in above using simple custom css plugin.

Hi Awan

Thanks for the reply. Could you run me through it step by step? I’m totally new to this.




firstly, you have to install this plugin and activate it.

Then go to appearance > custom css > paste the css code in above to the textarea and save.

Thank you Awan, thats great. One more question - do you know how I can reduce the space between my services and the ‘about me/contact’ section on my site? willcarson.co.uk


to reduce the space between widgets, you can manage it from:
Edit page > Edit row > Row > styles > Theme > Top/Botom padding.
see this screenshot http://prntscr.com/9ndzya