White space on pages

I have white space on my about, tools, and contact pages. It seems like the content section is centered instead of top aligned? I would like to be able to fix both of these things. Thanks.


To solve the “problem” you must customize the settings for each row that you inserted via the site builder tool in your page editor window.

Simply click the small tool/edit button on the row you inserted to open its customization window.
On the right you will find a menu button called “Theme”. Click it. Enter 0 into the box which is titled something like top and bottom padding. (By default this is set to 100… which causes these humungous spaces)


I have Sydney Pro Theme, is there any way I can change the background color on my pages?

Hey Darryl,

Please open up a new topic to keep the forum in order :wink:

Other than that: the background color of what exactly do you want to change?
Please make yourself a bit more clear when you open up your own topic :slight_smile: This way you will get your answer quickly


Sorry not sure open a new topic

I tried that and it did remove some of the white space, but there is still a great deal above my first widgets on those pages. Is there anything else I can do?

You can use custom CSS. :slight_smile:

And adjust the padding-top value of the containting html element!