White space on pages


I was skimming the forum for an answer. I tweaked the menu bar a few months ago and can’t remember how I did it. After doing it, I got white space above the menu on all of the pages. I remember that I was trying to get the slider to start right after the menu so the menu wasn’t laying over it. Can you help me get this to work right. Here is the home page:


Here is one of the pages with the white space:


Thank you so much for helping a beginner get his feet under him. I know I have more work to do, but if you can help me with the white space, I think I will be set. Thank you.



Dear Ian,

I couldn’t see the white space above the menu. This is what I am getting on my screen.


Have you been able to resolve it?


Thanks, Kharis! I had replaced all the CSS files to start over and it didn’t seem to be working, but I cleared my cache and now I got the same results as you do. I have a couple of other questions that I could use help with:

  1. On the homepage, is there a way to make the menu just the color that it is when you start scrolling.

  2. Is there a way to prevent the latest blogs from showing up on the homepage? We would like the blogs to only show on the blog page.

Here is the homepage again for your convenience samanthagudger.com

Thanks again for all the help.

Hello there,

For your two other queries which don’t relate with your initial one, please split them on new topics. By doing so you will help us to maintain our support forum well-organized and easier to read for others.