White space at the bottom of the home page in portrait view


My homepage is perfect in a landscape view, however in a portait view or on mobile. There is a big white space under the footer as below. I hope you can help.



Your website isn’t finished yet, and white space will be gone when you add more content to your home page. Theme slider sin’t full height slider, so if you don’t have more content you will have white space on smaller or very big screens.

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If I change the background from slider to an image, would that solve the problem?

Hi again,

If you actually want to have just slider on your home page, you can then change slider behavior for mobile screens from Appereance > Customize > Header Area > Header Slider, and enable Full screen https://www.screencast.com/t/ErVhYuHjzi1 .

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Great stuff,

Thank you that worked.