White screen after updating to latest WP


Hi there, are there any compatibility issues with the theme and latest WP? Have just updated to latest version and everything beyond the homepage is a white screen.



No, theme is working fine with WP 4.3. Try to reinstall theme manually by downloading it, and uploading over existing one over FTP. You can alos share your page link with us so we can check it from our end.

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Hi again
page link is http://ivorycontent.com/ nothing beyond it working from my end. thnks



Try to reset permalink settings from WP admin > Settings > Permalinks and just hit Save Changes.

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HI, the problem is i can’t get into my admin screen at all to make changes…any suggestions? thanks



I assume it’s a plugin that’s causing this. Do you have any plugins that can interfere with your login page? If you do, you can login from FTP and change that plugin’s folder name or delete it.
You can also do the same things for the theme if you want to check out if it’s conflicting with any of your plugins. This will cause your site to revert to TwentyFifteen.


sorted thanks. solved with a manual update of WP files via FTP