White rows & external linking in menu

Hey there,
first of all: Great theme, really happy with it.

Got two questions:
1.) On our website http://www.ilcivetto.de there are two white rows, one of them below the header image and one at the very bottom of it. How can I get them to my background color? Couldn’t figure out how to add additional CSS like it was mentioned in other posts.

2.) Also, I have external links in my menu under “connect”. How can I open them in a new tab? Additional HTML in the menu section didn’t work - or I used the wrong code.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Hello there,


Add this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .page-wrap .content-wrapper {
      background-color: transparent;


In the menu item’s options there is a checkbox that reads “Open link in a new tab”. If it doesn’t present, expand the Screen Options located at the top right side and enable it from there.


Hey Kharis,

  1. Thanks - the Additional CSS wasn’t there, but realized that the Plugins and WP itself weren’t up to date - now it’s there.

  2. The Screen Options did the trick - perfect.

Thanks so much!