White block over my entire website using Sydney Theme

Good day support. I am having a problem on my website and i am not even sure how it started and when but there is a white block rendering on my website on all pages.

Url: www.sonicitsolutions.co.za

I am not sure if it has anything to do with a recent auto update for the wordpress that happened but its pretty annoying as my website is longer visible or viewable.

Can you please assist or advise.




You can try to add this code using a custom css plugin:
body > .preloader{ display: none; }

This will disable the preloader white screen you have on your site.

Hello there,

I am sorry for the long delay. The common reason which is causing this is JS error comes one of your active plugins. To verify, please try temporarily disabling all of your active plugins except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox. Once you’re done, reload your site ans see if it resolves the problem. To narrow down the source of the problematic plugin, activate them one by one.

If this does nothing, please reinstall the Sydney theme.