Which plugin/wiget did u use for "our work"

i cannot find out which plugin or widget i need to install, to get the look of the gallery “our work” in your sydney-demo.

anyone here to help me? :wink:

thank you

got it… not easy for a word-press beginner like me ;-):

Creating projects

You can create projects from your admin area (right next to services, employees). To display them you need to download and install this plugin. This plugin creates a shortcode that you can use to display a filterable masonry portfolio.
The shortcode:
[sydney-masonry posts=“8” show_all_text=“See all” post_type=“projects” filter=“yes” include=""]

Available attributes:
posts=“8” -> Number of posts to display;
show_all_text=“See all” -> Text displayed for the filter button that shows all posts;
post_type=“projects” -> Custom post type to show posts from. You can also add post to display regular posts. If you use the shortcode with the Sydney Projects custom post type than you can also make use of the custom URLs feature that the projects provide.
filter=“yes” -> Filter display. yes shows the filter, any other value hides it.
include="" -> Categories slugs to display in the layout and from which the filter will be built. Example: include=“landscapes,people,cars”

Please note: your posts need featured images in order to be displayed in the masonry layout. Only one instance of the shortcode should be used per page.

Hi i recommend you to watch the sydney theme tutorial. You can find it on Youtube. They are really good.

I link a few of the parts.

Part 2)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ach7r0qOy6k

Part 3)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhmUhQPAKPc

PArt 4 includes “projects”

PArt 4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfjKcjzeLn4

Have a nice day! Don’t forget to rate this wonderful theme.


thank u!!! just watching the videos :wink: could not find anything like that before. it turns out pretty well so far. i love syndney :wink:

You’re welcome. Im glad that I could help.

Yeah Sydney is great theme, just wished it was a little more customizable without having to use css.

Don’t forget to rate the theme!! Such good theme deserves a good rate,

here is the link:


ok i’ll do the rating asap :wink:

can i ask another question?
is there a way to set a call-to-action-button whicht just leads back to the previous page? would be helpful…


Hmm… Im very sorry im not qualified to answer that question. And im not sure I understand. Do you want to back-link ?

Try to ask that question in the forum. There are many good people here. Grand master “Vlad” might know how to. And mean while google “back-link css” or “back-link wordpress” and see what you can find.

I wish good luck!

Hi, how do you manage to download the plugin? When I click on the link of ‘plugin’ from the documentation, I get a sydney-portfolio.php in my downloads. What shall I do then? I do not manage to have the ‘sydney-portfolio’ plugin in my plugins list.

Could you help me?


Your browser probably autounzips the plugin zip file. Download it with a different browser.