Where ist the "Homepage / Blog" SSettings Option?

Sydney Pro


i cant see the option (Homepage Seetings). Id like to set a site as my blog.
Thanks for your help

Hello there,

You should have to go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading. Before doing so, leave out the customizer panel.



Hi Kharis, Thanks. It works.
A last Question: Id like to change the font size of the blog-titles. (just for the articles. Not for sites).
Could you maybe say me wich CLASS i exactly have to modificate? I have tried everything. But i cant change it.
(the “font” options) doenst seem to work here.

Thanks from Germany

Hello there,

For post title font size, try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .hentry.type-post .title-post {
      font-size: 26px !important;

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