Where is the "See all our news" Button?

I have the Sydney theme working well for my purposes, but I noticed that my “Latest News” Section has no “See all our news” button to take you to the full archives/blog area. While I do have a link in the main menu I would like to have it in the row as well.
Everything I have read seems to indicate its a standard feature, Yet I don’t think I ever saw it when setting the site up.

What am I missing to not have it?

How can I get the “See all our news” button to display?

The site: https://www.tnalpha.com



On the Latest News widget’s settings ( in Page Builder ), please make sure to enter text for the Button ( the last input field on the widget’s settings ), then the button will show up.

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I must be missing something then. I put in text for that field, then saved and refreshed, and still the button does not appear. Other changes I made to test whether any changes were coming through were accepted and showed up.
I am using a Sydney Child theme. Is it possible there is some conflict with the “master theme”? (Yes, I am sure that is a ‘newby’ question, but I’m at a loos to understand what’s going on (or not).

OK - got it.

I looked in the “inpsect” area of Chrome and found the display was turned off.
On checking the “Additional CSS” section of “Customize” I found some errant CSS I must have added while working through a tutorial.

.widget_sydney_latest_news .roll-button { display: none;
I commented that out and it works as expected.

Thanks for your patience.


Great! I’m glad it’s resolved! If you need help with anything else, please open a new topic.

Have a nice day!

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