Where is my posts or pages?

Hi, excellent theme but i have one problem and really don’t know why

if you check www.s3curitycode.com and click on any of the button of services or any post or pages that i create show that no exist.

why ? i made something wrong ??

I’m guessing this is solved? I was able to navigate to your services and posts.

Yes sir, i think there any some bug when a change the way of the permanent link from default to other. When i do that i can’t access to the pages. Can you check that ?

And other thing. You have the example for the contact form 7 code and where i put the black line between the block that i don’t find that

thank you

to pcisnerp:

Hi! Nice button to scroll up! What is the plugin did you set up?

There’s nothing for me to check :slight_smile: Wordpress handles the permalinks and their settings, not the theme.

This is the template we’re using in the demo for CF7: http://pastebin.com/wUUiiW57

Hi Norveg,

I use “Dynamic To Top” plugin