Where is my featured image?


I’ve set a featured image in some pages but it is not showed… I’ve tried with different images.
At the blog options of customization there is a Featured Image section to hide de images but mine are unmarked. And the page attributes are set as default template.
My site is offline. Could you help me?



Where you can’t see the featured images, on which page / which elements? The pages doesn’t have to have featured images set, because the pages won’t show up anywhere as thumbnails, so you can have featured images for blog posts and products, because they have thumbnails to show.

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Hello Casaba!

mmm… Maybe I’m wrong. Now I’m woking with TheShop and I’d like to have an image in the head of the page just as I’ve done before with Sidney in this page www.necrenovables.com/noticias. Perhaps it’s an improvement of the template??? If I’ve understood, you mean it isn’t possible to show an image in the header natively in WordPress, under the logo page. In the posts it works but I’d like to put an image in pages too, in order to present the information in it, you know: blog, contact, gallery, etc.

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