Where are the extras

Hello, I’ve downloaded and installed Sydney Pro but don’t see any extra widgets or options.I’m i missing something here.


Are you sure Sydney Pro is activated on your site and not the free version? The new widgets, for example, are in the same place as the old ones. The new options are in the Customizer, mostly gathered under the Sydney Pro Options tab.

First, thanks for your answer. I got it sorted. The problem being that the free version of Sydney though inactive was causing the problem. I deleted the free version and all the extras appeared.

I’m glad to hear you got it sorted out. But that’s impossible :slight_smile:
An inactive theme’s code isn’t executed so there’s no way it could interfere with the pro version or with anything else.

The impossible happens all the time. I don’t want to get into a discussion about this. It has happend and is now resolved. And as a side note, if the ‘WordApp - Wordpress to Mobile App for WooCommerce & BuddyPress’ plugin is active the site won’t display on iPhone or iPad.