When do you expect to have the Pro version ready?

I am happy for the switch to Elementor and Smart Slider. Great company that is not so dependent on outside plug-ins that have been so wonky in the past.

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest with our Airi theme. Personally I feel it’s the greatest theme we’ve ever developed. The pro version is still on its way of development. We’ve been still working on some extra features. For the time estimation, there’s no body better know than @vlad. Let’s hear what Vlad will be saying here. Hopefully it’ll be available soon.


Hey Kharls… hope you are doing well. I installed it on a new build for real estate today but it is way too limited and the Elementor plug-in I selected it for will not load (when I try to edit a page with Elementor it just doesn’t load). It goes to a bad gateway or something. Looking forward to the pro version. I’ve been using the pro version of Smart Slider on all sites for a while now and like Elementor as a builder. Hopefully it will be less troublesome than Types plugin and others. J