What happened? Help!

I don´t know what happened to my site!
My pages suddenly went full width (no margins) and the titles of the widgets are disconfigured. I am not using a child theme or anything like that.


Hi, go to front page > edit row and check Layout > Row Layout (value should be set to Standard).

After that try maybe disabling shortcodes ultimate, your sections are wrapped within .su-row classes, strange. Did you use some shortcodes in your pages? Few days ago pages were correct. Can you remember of some modifications, plugins… that you have applied recently?

all row layouts are set to Standart.

I disabled shotcodes and nothing happened ( the shortcodes stopped working). Yeah i use a lot of shortcodes, love the plugin.

I cant remember anything that i did recently to cause this. =(

Remove your custom JS please, the one which you’re using to set the button for the latest news widget. You don’t need it because there is an option for that and also it’s throwing an error.

Actually, it’s not that. The Page Builder plugin was updated and they changed a class which we were using for styling and content width. Will have an update soon. You can also revert the plugin version.

Okay, I’ve uploaded the new version of the theme which takes the changes from the Page Builder into account. Update and you should be fine.

Thanks!!! Everything worked fine! You’re the best!

Just two more things:

  • My css code to change title decoration stopped working…
.panel.widget .widget-title:after {
     border-bottom: 6px double #ba4532;

is it possible to fix it?

  • another thing, can i turn my whole website in full width and adjust the margins with page builder? Would you recommend it? I currently use this custom css for each widget i want to modify:
#panel-2-3-0-0 {
     max-width: 100%;
     padding: 0;

.panel needs to become .so-panel. This is exactly what the issue you mentioned was, they changed that class.

Not sure that’s such a good idea, it’s probably better to do it just where you need it.