What Custom CSS plugin to use

Good day, aThemes!

Please advise which Custom CSS plug-in to use best for Sydney theme?

I have tried Simple Custom CSS & WP Add Custom CSS, yet no effect. :frowning:

By the way, I am currently using a child theme of Sydney, just to avoid restoration of original scripts when updated.

Does that cause anythin?

Please help.

Thanks so much.


Any custom CSS plugin works. I know for sure that Simple Custom CSS works because I tried it, you might have some wrong code. But if you’re using a child theme you can just add your custom CSS in it rather than in a plugin.


Thanks for responding.

h1.title-post {
display: none;

.page .page-wrap .content-wrapper {
padding: 30px 60px;

Kindly check if that it incorrect.

I have tried also to use stylesheet.css of my child theme, but won’t work as well.

Or maybe I created my child theme wrongly? i am not sure.

Please advise. thank you.