West pro Project animation bug


I’m using west pro for a while now but there is something wrong with the animation on the first project. No matter witch one you set first in the row. If you delete all project’s and make them again the animation bug is still popping back. I hope u guy’s can help me. This is the link to the website

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Hello Kevin,

I’ve just checked your website but I’m not sure what exactly is your issue, can you please describe it more precisely?

Kind Regards, Roman.

hello Roman,

When you are on the homepage by project’s there are 3 project in a row. So the first one has an animation the second and the third one also. But the first one stays “up” the whole time and the second and third one are coming up when your cruiser is on the project. So the first one need to do what de second and third one do also. But the animation on the first one is a kind of stuck permanently.(see the photo before) my cruiser is not on the first but its up.
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Hello Kevin,

I’ve just checked that section in Chrome and Firefox, it works in both of those browsers. Which Browser and operating system do you use?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

I solved the problem myself.
Thank you.

Kind Regards, Kevin

You are welcome Kevin,

Kind Regards, Roman.