Welcome Section

Is there a way to change the round photo to square and change the color of the font in the welcome section of the front page?

Hello there,

you can change it using css code below:

  • change the photo
.wcm-photo {
    border-radius: 0;
  • change welcome font-color
.wcm-text {
    color: grey;
.wcm-title {
    color: red;

you can apply it using custom css plugin

That works perfectly. Thanks you!

Can the background color of the welcome section be edited, as well? I don’t use the tinted filter on the front page slider but would like to use it (or something like it) in the welcome section box. Is that possible?

Did you mean the welcome box? if so, try this css code:

.welcome .container {
    background-color: black;

and you can setting the border also from customizer > Front page config
> Welcome section

Yes. I meant a transparent background color or tint for the welcome box.

The overlay would work perfectly for the welcome box, if it that is possible.

Oh I see… you want the welcome box that has the transparent background only?
try this then:

.overlay {
    background: transparent;
.welcome .container {
    background: #292c32 url('pattern.png');
    opacity: 0.7;

That works perfectly. Thank you, Awan!

Now I can take a break :slight_smile: