Welcome Page

Any ideas about why the Welcome page would not be loading correctly on a small device, ie ipad? The Welcome page displays have the screen vertically and the 2nd half of the screen displays the menu and 1st Page widget.


Can you post a link to your website please? I’m not sure I understand your question.

Can your provide a private email?

Sure, vlad[at]athemes.com

Never mind, just remembered I already had an account from you.

So I had a look and there is nothing wrong regarding the header image. From screen widths of 1024 and below the image displays entirely. So basically that right there is how your image looks. If it were a big bigger in height it would have covered more of your screen.

At screen widths above 1024px the image turns into a background image that goes full screen in cover mode.

Thanks Vlad-what size image would cover that entire screen on a mobile device like an iPad?


1024x768 should do it. But don’t upload it as a header image. Go to Customize > Header Image and you’ll notice an option there to upload a smaller image for mobile devices. Use that one so it doesn’t affect your header image for desktops.