Welcome logo on mobiles

Hi Vlad, I’m using the theme on another site, which is in development at http://projectsfour.waterstreet.co.uk

The client is asking for a large logo in the Welcome area but this is proving too big when viewing the site on iPhone.

Is there a way to keep the logo size smaller on a mobile device whist still at full size on a desktop?

Thanks, Neil


Yeap, you can update the theme.

Thanks, have updated, still a little big though, especially if I use the phone portait layout. Fine if I hold it horizontal. Thanks

Yeah, it is now properly contained horizontally but now the issue is that the logo is as big as you header image. So you have two options, either add a header image with a bigger height, or add this code to a custom CSS plugin and modify it if you need it:

@media (max-width: 320px) {
    .welcome-info {
       top: 0;
    .welcome-logo {
       max-width: 150px;

Also, you should probably resize your welcome logo. You’re displaying it on desktop at a max-width of 300px but its natural width is 1741px.

Cheers Vlad, sorted, and resized as suggested.Much appreciated.