Welcome button not working on safari

Hi again, am very happy with the moesia pro. Just one thing - the welcome button doesnt work properly on SAFARI. works on explorer and firefox.
The button should be black and read IMAGES in white. On safari, there is just a black line instead. looks like it is hidden behind some layer…
I wonder whether it has something to do with the recent installation of the scroll down arrow (with your help…), but i have really no idea… it worked on safari before.
please help, thanks a lot
link: http://www.aloismosbacher.at/


It probably is related to the arrow, doesn’t seem to happen on our demo site. Anyway, it’s an easy fix. Use this please in a child theme or custom CSS plugin and let me know how it goes:

.welcome-info {
   display: block;

Hi Vlad, thanks a million - as usual you help fast and effectively… greatissimo