Welcome Button Missing


Hello there,

I just uploaded the Moesia theme to my website but I can’t seem to find the welcome button anywhere. My website is here www.wingyeec.com/goldenlotus.

Please let me know.
Thank you!




Appearance > Customize > Welcome Area


Hi Vlad,

Yes I played with all the settings there and even tried changing the text in the box that is responsible for the “welcome button” text to see if the button would magically appear, but it never did. Would you happen to know any other reasons why?

Also, I have downloaded this theme before a few months ago for another domain and had no problem at all with regards to the button.

Please let me know.
Thank you!


There still isn’t any problem with the button. Are you sure you have a link for the button, as well as text? It won’t appear without a link since it would be pretty pointless to do so.


Yes, it was the link! Thanks.