Welcome Area

Vlad, am I able to move the logo and button in the welcome area.


Thank you!!

Also, everywhere I have a text widget, the colors have changed from the standard colors they once were. I have not changed them and this morning they had changed. If you click on the link below and look at “ministry opportunities” and “listen to messages” those colors have now changed to blue. It wasn’t that way before.

thank you!


Sure, you’ll need to use a custom CSS plugin and add this in it:

.welcome-info {
    top: 100px;

100px is the default value, a smaller one will move the logo+buttons up, a bigger value will move it down.

Glad to see you’re using one of the new plugins!

I think a plugin might be at fault for that. The widget titles for the text widget seem to have become links, which is not something the theme does.

Thank you. I downloaded the custom css plugin, I am not familiar with how to use it. I will try to figure it out.

On the colors to that page I sent you. All of the other sections are using the same widget, but only those 2 are changing colors. The others respond to the color changes under customize, but those 2 don’t respond to any color changes.

Thanks again!

I figured out the css for the welcome area. thank you!

As I said, something is wrapping those two titles in links. It’s not the theme so it might be a plugin that you installed before this happened.
Right now those titles are like this:
<h3 class=“widget-title”><a>Ministry Opportunities</a></h3>

Alright, I’ll continue to check into it. It’s just weird that I am using that plugin in 5 other places on that page and it’s only happening in 2 of them. Not sure what I am missing, but I’ll continue to work on it. Thanks again!!