Welcome Area fonts


I’d like to change the font in the Welcome Area on my website with Moesia Pro. Can you please let me know how to do that?





Thank you for purchasing Moesia Pro.

In the Customizer you’ll find the Fonts tab. The Welcome Area fonts are affected by the Select your desired font for the body dropdown. It may seem a bit silly, but the Welcome Area text isn’t a heading because of SEO reasons.

Let me know if you don’t agree with having the same fonts for the body and for the Welcome Area, and we’ll find a custom solution for you.


Hi Vlad,
I was just looking for the same information… and I think it would help to be able to customise the welcome title and welcome desc fonts independent of the body. I can manually change the welcome title font in the css but that doesn’t work for the desc. It looks better to have the welcome text look like the header font, but it would be best to just be able to have it independent of both header and body fonts.


I need to also make this change. Need it to say this with spacing as below. In a a reasonable size and only take up half the width of screen centered.

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