Welcome Area Call To Acton Button - Relocated to Bottom?

Hello all-

I’m trying to solve two problems that each have to do with the “Welcome Area” and the “Call to Action Button”. My objective is to have a button that says something like “More Below” on the bottom of the welcome area that, when clicked, takes people to the first row of content below. I just don’t want it to block the pretty splash picture. Here are my two questions:

  1. How do I make have the "Call to Action Button" take me to the first row of content on the page?
  2. How do I ensure that the button is locked to the bottom of the welcome area and adjust to screen size (doesn't get lost on smallish screens)?

To address question #1 I think I follow the demo site’s instructions and make the link something like this (http://demo.athemes.com/moesia/#site-navigation) with my sites info there. The question I have following this example is: what will happen on other pages that aren’t the home page? Will the URL update automatically for new pages?

As for #2, my current workaround possibility is to find/make a blank png file of an appropriate size (or resize it in the “Welcome Area” menu) so that the button I want sits approximately where I want it (toward the bottom of the “Welcome Area”). Does that sound like a good idea? I can’t test it across many screen sizes/browsers so I thought I’d bring the question here for some guidance before I waste a whole lot of time.

Thanks again for a great theme,

Hi beniam,

regarding to your first question, you can set the link to the CTA button with this http://www.mauraandben.com/#primary and this link is for the front page only.

and then, for the default, the CTA button on the welcome area are hidden when you in mobile device with small screen. But you can display it by adding this code below using custom css plugin:

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px){
 .welcome-button {
   display: block;