Website to look exactly like in demo


I have downloaded the theme, “The Shop” but it does not look same as in demo!
The sidebar is right aligned while in demo it was left aligned.
The breadcrums are not visible in downloaded version.
The Front Page’s width is smaller than the demo. In demo, its spanned very well on the screen but the downloaded version seems to be squeezed from left and right. Things are not spread up evenly as in demo!

I am about to cry. Help!


A link to your site might be helpful.

I am afraid I cant provide you the link since website is hosted in our dev environment…

what i figured out was that, when I click on ‘View Product’ button on ‘Edit Product’ screen (woocommerce section), i see everything fine. The url goes like :

When viewing through this link, I see all the filters I applied as well.

But when I try to open ‘Shirt’ page from top menu bar, page is loaded with different css (which was issue in topic). url like this:
Using this link, I can’t see the filters I applied :\

I am now stuck in that how to link menu item ‘Shirts’ to the page which shows correct css? I think I have to change permalink but hoow?


Yeah, that doesn’t help much. Let me know if you go online with it and I’ll have a look. Maybe you can upload it quickly if you have an online test site.

Hi again,

luckily, i have figured out mistakes I had been making over n over again… All good by now…

Just another question: How to display the shopping cart link in purple box (top right section of the demo)?


got it… I had to configure Menus :slight_smile:

Thanks alot… Nice theme!


i am having another issue. Please have a look at url below:

The css of red marked boxes seems overlapping…