Website looks screwed after update

I updated plugins, themes and Wordpress 5.1 and now my website is not looking as before. Topics are not centered anymore and width is out of place, you can look here, www,

thanks in advance

Hello Frank,

I visited your site and all sections on home page look good. Did I miss something? To help me figure that out, please take a screenshot of the issue you were seeing.


Hi Kharis,
thanks for looking at my website.
the text and forms are wide across the page and many images are left-aligned rather than central, best example here,
The edges left and right are gone

PS: just found following on my dashboard
“Your version of Moesia Pro will receive only security updates from this point on. To continue receiving general updates, please get in touch with us over the forums.”

Hello Frank, please check these topics:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,
unfortunately I can’t download Mosia Pro again without buying.

I also tried to wrap html code into

but didn’t work.

kind regards

Hello Frank,

Please describe what exactly you want to achieve and I’ll try to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.