Website is not working on mobile devices

on some mobile devices the website is completely not working/loading!
also in safari and sometimes not on chrome!
that is a big problem, what can I do?
the link of the website is:

greetings, Julia

Hi Julia,

Our theme are built for both desktop and mobile device support. I just visiting your site and all is displayed as well in desktop and mobile :slight_smile:


hm, ok, this is strange, because on my mac, firefox is working, safari is not!
We received a lot of complains from people who cant load the page. sometimes its also loading very slow. That is a big problem for the Greenclimbershome business right now, because it is high season. Also most of the traveling people visiting this site use mobile devices.

would be great to solve this problem!

greetings from Laos,

Oh I see, All you need is to make your website load faster.

Please remove all unused plugin from your site, and try to install plugins that will help you to load your website faster. see this

If those still can’t resolve the issue, please contact your hosting administrator to get help :slight_smile:


Hello Julia,

Awan is right, please check this GTmetrix report:

The numbers are huge, 29.6 seconds of page load time (average is 6.5s, good is 3-4s), and page size is 17.1MB (average is 1.8MB, good is under 1MB).

I think that this should be top priority issue for you now, especially considering that you are targeting mobile users as well.

Best Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman or Awan,
I didn´t have the time since my last mail to solve the problem, now I have it.
what can you reccomend to make the website faster? Most of the customers are traveling through South-East-Asia, where often internet connection is very slow… Is the problem maybe the number of pictures? (I don´t have a lot of plug ins) or what do you think? I have no idea!
:frowning: still need help!
greetings (now from germany)

I installed now “W3 Total Cache” to make it faster. it says:

New Relic is not running correctly. The plugin has detected the following issues:

PHP module is not enabled.
PHP agent is not enabled.
API Key is invalid.
Account ID is not configured.
Application ID is not configured. Enter/Select application name.
License key could not be detected.

Please review the settings.

what does that all mean??? :frowning:

Hello Julia,

As I can see, this image takes the most of the time to load.

You can find more specific information in this GTmetrix report (it will be available within a month).

Regarding W3 Total Cache, please contact its support here, they should know their own plugin better than we do :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.

hm, I´m replacing all the big images with smaller ones,
but there is a long loading time.
the only page which is loading fast is this one:

It looks like the problem is, the more containers/widgets and features of sydney theme are in use, the slower the page becomes!?
is that possible? :-/

(thanks for your patients :wink: )

Hello Julia,

As I already said, there is one image that is loading very slowly, you can see it on Waterfall tab of your GTmetrix report.

I think that it can be a hosting issue, so I suggest you to contact your hosting provider support regarding this issue as well.

Kind Regards, Roman.