Website homepage slidehow header not displaying on chrome

hello again,

Have encountered another issue… not sure if it is the browser or anything I have to fix in the hp slideshow settings. Our website seems to be displaying correctly in safari, firefox, but when loading to view on chrome it looks like is loading the slideshow but with it doesn’t. How can I fix this? thank you!

the website is

the website is ----- >


Did you change anything since the last time it was working? I mean the slider works in Chrome also, its issue is with the video. Perhaps you could try changing it for a bit, though it’s a mp4 and it should work.

Hi Vlad,

So I have been trying to fix the rev slider from my site… not only it is not playing the video but now it does not play the slideshow. I have tried by placing Vimeo and it wont still show… It just shows as uploading. I tried to rename my mp4 video thinking maybe it could help… but nothing. Any way you can help me…? Thanks!


Don’t know what you’re settings are for the slider, but the file you’re using is corrupt and won’t play in any browser. I assume that’s the cause: