Website goes down when activating plugin

I’ve been using EventOn for my calendar on our website. Something changed recently and it now when that plugin is activated the page is blank. I’ve spent days talking to them about the issue and they’ve narrowed it down to the fact that Moesia is not loading the scripts. This is what they say…
“the pagebuilder is NOT loading our scripts.
So however they have their page builder to load scripts, its not picking our scripts up from the default method which is supposed to be used in WordPress.
They may have a custom way of doing this, but our plugin loads scripts via wp_footer method. If they have any sort of custom tweaks made within their page builder, than I have no idea what they are.”

If i deactivate their plugin the site loads and looks normal. Do you guys have any suggestions? The site is

Also, the plugin works if i deactivate the sitebuilder plugin. Not sure if that helps. Is there a workaround to not use site builder or any other solution? Thanks so much!

The Page Builder is a plugin as you noticed, it’s not developed by us and it’s not part of the theme. Basically you have a conflict between these two plugins. Unfortunately if they can’t help you there isn’t much I can do either as I’m not familiar with that events plugin. Sorry.
My only suggestion is to use an older version of that plugin - I assume you updated it and then it stopped working.