Website content suddenly stretched to full width

All of the content on my website appears to have been stretched out to fit the full width of the page and no longer has margins like it did yesterday and I can’t work out why. I’ve tried deactivating all of my plugins and clearing the cache but nothing seemed to change. The header and footer are fine, it’s just the main content area of every page that now reaches to the edge of the screen for some reason.

Can anyone offer any insight? The only things I changed yesterday were the installation of the Monster Insights and a cookie consent plugin, both of which I’ve tried deactivating to no avail. I also installed an SSL certificate but not sure if that would have any effect on anything? Website address is


Seems likely it was due to your content were converted to blocks.

There is a newer version of Sydney (1.75). Please do upgrading and let me know whether it resolved your problem or not.

aThemes Support