Website Content not centered


I am having a problem where every page on my website ( seems to be off to the left a little! I thought I was going crazy and looking at it to hard but after viewing the site on a smaller monitor and mobile, it definitely seems everything pushes to the left slightly.

Wondering if there is a snippet of code that can help me with this or if you have any other suggestions? Really appreciate any help on this! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello there,

I’d like to help. But when I visited your link, web browser only displaying a not found website like this.


Did you share valid link? Or is there any specific country IP restriction enabled on your side?


That’s really odd!

I did recently reset the IP address so maybe it was still going through that process?

Try this link:

Also, let me know if I am crazy & seeing things but I do feel as if the content is off center, I just can’t tell if I’m looking at it too hard or not… Thank you! :slight_smile: