Webpage scrolling not smooth at the homepage


Please help my webpage is not scrolling smooth enough. To demonstrate my problem, I toke two videos. The first video showed that when I scroll to a specific point at the homepage, the homepage will start flashing. You can try it yourself. petsittingdiary.com is the website I am talking.

The second video showed that the scrolling in other pages, like the “contact us” page, is smooth from top to down and vice versa. However, when scrolling at the homepage, it is not the same. It is uncomfortable to scroll down from the menu to the following, and uncomfortable to scroll from bottom to the menu. when cross the menu, it is not smooth. You can experience it yourself.

Many thanks for you help!


You have something in your custom CSS that’s causing this. Please remove this part:

.site-header.float-header .site-logo{
  max-height: 50px;