Web sites appears different on screen?


I have two identical websites with Sydney pro; www.becht.dk and www.becht.se. The only different is the languish, the first one is in English and the second is in Danish.
But on on the same screen, www.becht.dk appears much larger, than www.becht.dk.
I tried to figure this out if there something I made wrong looking in the setup, appearance etc. But I can’t find any differences

Is there some logical explanation to this?

Kind Regards


I meant

“But on on the same screen, http://www.becht.dk appears much larger, than http://www.becht.se.”

Kind regards

Hello Peter,

I have just checked those websites and they seem to be of the same size. Can you please make sure that you didn’t zoom http://www.becht.dk/ in your browser? You can easily reset browser zoom with Ctrl+0 (zero) combination.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman

Ups and Sorry

Thanks again

Kind Regards Peter

You are welcome Peter!

Kind Regards, Roman.