Web Logo and Nav Bar too Large

Hi There,

My logo is too large and therefore is making the nav bar too large. But if I reduce the size of the logo in media the logo is too small and not visible enough, but the nav bar size still is way too big even if I make the logo 250 by 250. Is there a chance to get the nav bar size to a reasonable height, but still have the logo big enough to read the text? The height of the below picture is the height I want the nav bar to be, but if you go onto the URL where my logo is you will see the nav bar is huge: www.no1va.com and now the log is too small :frowning:

thanks so much


Hello Mel,

It looks like your logo image contains unnecessary spaces.


Use image editing program like Photoshop and remove empty spaces surround the logo. Then replace the existing logo with it.

The final result to upload would look something like this


To reduce extra top and bottom spaces on the menu bar, try adding this simple CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .site-header {
      padding: 5px 0;