Wdiget sydney FP: Lastest News - rendering image size issue

On my staging website sydney.onlinehubcenter.com , I’m comparing the post pictures rendered by the Lastest News widget with your demo on the front page.

I downloaded your demo pictures from your posts page: http://demo.athemes.com/themes/?theme=Sydney

I created 3 posts using these images download from your posts web page.

However, on my website the post images are resized to 550x400 when viewed on the frontpage under lastest news. And on your demo website the post images are resized to 550x367 when viewed on the front page under lastest news. Why is this difference happening in image size rendering? My goal is to also get the image to render in 550x367.


You can try to adjust medium-thumb size to meet your needs using Simple Image Sizes plugin:

Please check this topic for more details:

Kind Regards, Roman.