Warning Sydney Pro new version

Do not install the new version of sydney pro it will screwed up your website with an infinite loading!

Hello there,

It might be due to newer versions of WordPress now exclude the jQuery Migrate script, which is breaking some animation scripts like Sydney’s pre-loading animation. I guess you’re running the latest version of WordPress. If so, please try installing and enabling this plugin:

Do not forget to flush the cache (if applied) after enabling the plugin.

I hope this reply helps. Let me know your views.

aThemes Support

hello, same issue here: https://paratiritirio.edu.gr, even I installed jQuery Migrate plugin

Have you tried the plugin?

aThemes Support

Sure, but still, the 2 dots keep moving… As a matter of fact,

check my screenshot

Hello Kharis,
the same for me and with youtube video integartion.
Thank you.

I tried the plug-in and it didn’t do anything. My website still shows the “loading” animation and never moves on from that. Please fix this!!

We have the same problem here.

We have six quite different WordPress installations with Sydney Pro on different servers:

  • One of our Sydney Pro WordPress installations showed the two never ending loading-dots after the update - but only in Firefox. The rest of five were running without this problem in Firefox.
  • In Chrome, Opera and Edge all of the six installations were running without problems after the update.
  • In Internet Explorer 11 all of the six installations stuck with the loading-dots.

After we rolled the version back to Sydney Pro 2.0.26 all of the six installations were running in all browsers again instantly.

Hint: All of our browsers were current versions on Windows 10 20H2, all WordPress installations are 5.5.3 on PHP 7.4, all plugins were on latest versions, the jQuery Migrate Helper plugin is/was not installed in any of the six installations.

In my eyes Sydney Pro 2.0.27 has a clear bug. It cost us about 2 hours to roll back versions.

Please fix this bug asap. Until then of course we cannot and will not reupdate again.

Thank you,

I also am having issues with 2.0.27. How do I roll back to 2.0.26? I can’t find the code.

Hi bruce1, we had a backup of the old WordPress. Just replace the theme folder with the old one.

Perhaps it could also be possible to download the old 2.0.26 version ZIP of Sydney Pro and put the content into this folder if you find this ZIP anywhere.

Also there are plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rollback/ although I am not sure if it works for this aThemes premium theme, but it could be.

Whatever you try: Keep in mind to always do a full website backup beforehand.

I really would be happy if aThemes would say something here about fixing this problem. Until now I don’t have the feeling as if they would take it too serious so far.


I found the older version in a recent backup, and have things back to normal. I’m testing it in my sandbox, and 2.0.27 works without my Sydney Pro Child theme. So, I’m looking to see what might be causing the issues. The only thing I’m using the Sydney Pro Child theme for is to add the code to include a search bar in the menu. I installed a fresh copy of the Sydney Pro Child theme and left it generic, and still just get the two dancing circles. But if I choose just Sydney Pro II Theme I’m fine. I would be interested if other having issues are using the child theme.

We have the problem with never ending loading circles in 2.0.27 here in all of our six installations in IE11 and in one installation in current Firefox. 2.0.26 doesn’t have this problem.

In our cases Sydney Pro is always generic without child themes.

aThemes Support - will you do anything about this?


So, is this going to be solved?

I Enabled jQuery but then the dots still into an infinite loading screen into the Customize page.
I also got : wp-content/plugins/unlimited-addons-for-wpbakery-page-builder/js/admin.js: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

Hi all,

​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patience.

Cache clearing may be needed for those who are experiencing similar issues.

For your information, we have mentioned this in our changelogs: https://athemes.com/changelog/sydney-pro/.

aThemes Support

  1. If cache clearing resolves the issue, what is the impact on the client side? Will our users see issues?
  2. What will the be impact of the jQuery changes expected in WordPress 5.6 be?

Same problem with never ending loading circles.
@athemes: Where can I download the 2.0.26 to downgrade?
Please post us a downloadlink, thank you

Clearing the browser cache solved it for us. Try it.

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Yes it helped, but my customers who were on my website before have also that problem. I can’t tell to every customer they have to clear the browser cache…


Sorry about the issues this has caused, I was just made aware of this thread. As mentioned before, nothing is broken here in this update, you just need to clear the cache because we introduced a new file and removed another.

We took every precaution needed by using cache busting through file versioning but we can’t don’t anything about some browsers choosing to ignore this.

New visitors to your website will not experience this issue. Returning visitors might experience it until they refresh the page or cache expires.