Want to use GreatMag Pro Have a few question

Hi, I am a blogger and currently I am working on Reviews Case ( A site where I write product reviews) I am using Thrive architect to create custom designed pages like https://reviewscase.com/best-bow-sights/

I want to switch from Aspire Pro to GreatMag Pro.

This page is completely built using Thrive Architect. Such as there is a portion of Top Pics as in below image.

My query is will changing theme to Great Mag cause designing issues and will I have to redesign all the pages again.

Your support will be appreciated.

Hello there,

Thrive Architect is a plugin and your settings made with it will remain on the plugin side. Those settings will remain when you change the theme. So, switching to GreatMag Pro won’t affect your current settings.

Let me know in case of anything else I can help with.

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day :slight_smile:

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