Want To move to Sydney child theme

Hi Sydney Theme,

Thanks for your support for the free version this support stick us to your theme with peace of mind.

i need your help regarding sydney child theme as when i installed your them for my website few years back i didnt know about your child and i manually created a sydney child theme with third party plugin … i think this cause so many problems for my website can you please help me setup and switch to your child theme i already download it from your website.

also need to know does this make any difference to my site with child theme created by third party plugin or your original child theme my website link is hereKichen Tek


Hi Fatima,

Creating a child theme manually requiring an advanced skill of Wordpress development because you need to write lines of PHP code.

To understand what and how the WP child theme, please refer to this page: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/advanced-topics/child-themes/

I hope it helps.


Hi Awan,

Thanks for reply i dont need to create the child theme i now download it from your website i just need to know is it possible i can apply your sydney child theme to my existing sydney theme website to give it same look as demo content


The child theme is for different structure of the pages only.
If you are looking for the demo content, you can download it here https://docs.athemes.com/article/70-quick-start-guide

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